Specialized Transport

We’re here for patients with special requests.

We’re here for patients with special requests.

Med Tech Ambulance treats your family like our family. That’s why our specialized transport service accommodates patients with unique needs. We’re able to offer a high level of patient care in our specially-equipped ambulances for safe and reliable transport.

We commonly offer specialized transport for at-risk patients, patients who are traveling long distances, and any patient who needs special services to be more comfortable.

Which patients qualify for specialized transport?

We’re happy to accommodate our patients to keep them comfortable. In the past, our team has offered specialized transport in these situations:

  • Transporting a large amount of patient equipment with the patient.
  • Inviting multiple family members or medical professionals to be with the patient during transport.
  • Transporting bariatric patients weighing 350 – 1,000 pounds.
  • Moving multiple patients together. This is common when transporting couples to the same hospital or treatment facility.
  • Patients in a deteriorating condition that requires specialized respiratory or cardiac care.

Our specialized transport services

Whether you need female technicians or bilingual support, Med Tech Ambulance’s team of highly trained EMT Paramedics is here for you. Our dedicated critical care team has the expertise to stabilize your loved one during transport, as well as fulfill any special requests that would make them more comfortable.

We’re here to provide compassionate care when you need to transport your loved one to a different facility. Get in touch with our team to talk over your loved one’s specialized transport options.

The Med Tech Ambulance Difference

What makes Med Tech Ambulance different from your other ambulance options in Rhode Island? We prioritize patient care, delivering compassionate medical transport to improve health outcomes.


Med Tech’s team takes cleanliness and sanitation seriously. For the safety of our patients, we deep-clean every ambulance, van, and vehicle in our fleet
every 8 hours.


Get peace of mind. Med Tech Ambulance works with most major insurance carriers in the state of Rhode Island. If you have any questions about your coverage, our friendly and responsive team will be happy to help.

Special Requests​

Whether you want to transport two patients at once, female technicians, or bilingual staff, Med Tech Ambulance is happy to help. Learn about our specialized transport service to see how we customize transport to your loved one’s needs.


Med Tech’s ambulances use the latest lifesaving technology, like GPS, automatic lift stretchers, and 12-lead ECG monitors. Every ambulance in our fleet is outfitted with best in class technology that gives patients and their families comfortable,
trustworthy care. ​​

Quality of Care​

Quality of care. All of Med Tech Ambulance’s EMTs and drivers operate at the peak of professionalism. We work to earn your trust with ongoing staff training, compassionate care, and the latest technology. When you need an ambulance service that treats your family like our family, go with Med Tech Ambulance.

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